The National Council for Human Rights holds its 67th monthly meeting

The National Council for Human Rights held its 67th meeting under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohamed Fayeq, Chairman of the Council. The council reviewed a number of reports on the activities of the Council both at the internal and international level and addressed the beginning of the media announcement concerning the amendment of the Constitution. Members stressed the need to submit the proposed amendments to the Council Opinions on its agreements and commitments.
The council also stressed the community role of the government and the Ministry of Housing to provide adequate housing through new housing communities and cities and to emphasize the availability of educational and health services as well as suitable job opportunities in line with the general objectives.
The National Council also discussed the visit of the council's recent delegation to Minya governorate as part of the preparations for organizing the events of the human rights week aimed at promoting the culture of human rights in the governorates as part of its general plan and programs of activities.
The Council was briefed about the forthcoming visit of Mr. Mohamed Fayek to attend the annual conference of the International Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions to be held at the headquarters of the International Council for Human Rights in Geneva.