The National Council for Human Rights demands the file the lawsuit (173) for the year 2011.

The Criminal Court of Cairo issued a verdict on Thursday 20/12/2018 clearing 40 suspects in the foreign funding lawsuit, after accepting the appeals presented by them on their conviction in June 2013.

The Public Prosecution has charged them with several charges, the first of which is the establishment and management of branches of an international organization without the authorization of the Egyptian government, through which they carried out political training for parties, conducting research and surveying random samples of citizens and supporting electoral campaigns for representatives of political parties and the mobilization of voters for parliamentary elections without authorization, as well as reporting on such activities to the headquarters of the United States of America, and the financing of persons and entities and non-governmental entities without a license which threatens the sovereignty of the Egyptian Republic, and receiving and accepting funds from an international organization through direct funding to Bank accounts, money transfer companies and special credit cards connected to bank accounts outside Egypt in order to carry out the activities of the first legally prohibited charge, which violated the sovereignty of the Egyptian Republic.

The National Council for Human Rights welcomes this step and considers it a development towards granting the right to assemble, organize and promoting democracy.

The National Council for Human Rights demands the file the lawsuit (173) for the year 2011 in light of the clearance verdict, and in order to build a new contractual relationship between NGOs and the Government based on respect for the principles of the Constitution, laws and international conventions on human rights.