Abdel- Ghaffar Shukr: Human Rights and Confronting Terrorism

         Moreover, there are also those who accuse the Council of ignoring some of the events in the country which can be included in the activities that threaten the stability of the society, such as Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in, despite the fact that the National Council for human Rights, had issued a comprehensive report on the resolution of the protest and cited the important facts about this protest which was an armed protest with the knowledge of its leadership, and it caused tension  and violence in various regions of Cairo is, and stated that the number of dead people were much less than what some people propagated and cited their names.

       Furthermore, the National Council for Human Rights always initiates to take the correct stance every time the Egyptians face important events, which supports every effort to protect the people and the preservation of the lives of citizens, but some people always condemn any discussion about human rights in light of the escalation of terrorism, ignoring the people's right to determine how to struggle against terrorism and at the same time protect the rights of the Egyptians .

          The Council has produced a comprehensive vision in confrontation of terrorism in which terrorism is the biggest threat to the highest human rights which is the right to life and the right to safe living, and that terrorism is an act of aggression on society and the Egyptian people and aims to undermine the security and the collapse of the state. In this context, the Council demonstrates how to mobilize forces in a united front against terrorism, and to take effective measures to defeat it at the same time sets the rules to be followed so that these actions do not constitute a fundamental rights violation as it’s the biggest guarantee for national unity in the face of terrorism.

       Therefore, the National Council for Human Rights understands the reasons for the declaration of a state of emergency and curfew in Sinai, and the issuance of laws of referral to the military justice for cutting roads and encroaching on public facilities guarded by the armed forces, and stresses at the same time that these actions are subject to the conditions which necessitated does not extend longer than required by the current situation, and to be accompanied by a commitment to adequate legal safeguards which every citizen must be held accountable.

         Maintaining  a civil state has acquired a great importance in the light of these circumstances, in addition to civil commitment to the Constitution and democratic state. The security measures in the face of terrorism is necessary but such measures alone are not enough, but it is important to be accompanied by political, social and cultural action besieging the reasons for the escalation of terrorism , extremism , intolerance, poverty, unemployment and marginalization of groups in the community to respond to the temptations of recruitment material circumstances and cultural level.

        The National Council for Human Rights calls for a comprehensive confrontation of terrorism through the following:

  •  Completing road map to hold elections after the Parliament consensus on the election law.
  • Begin immediately the eliminate the environment leading to terrorism and the development of marginalized areas where marginalized citizens who suffer from poverty and unemployment are living.
  • Supporting civil society associations and syndical unions and human rights organizations and support to ensure the continuation of the ways and mechanisms of the free expression of opinion.
  • Accounting the people who attack the revolution of January 25 by taking the necessary legal procedures against them.
  • Confronting the  hate speech and defamation of citizens in some of the media outlets which the Council had received numerous complaints about it. It is also important to confront the terror by the military and security measures, aimed at protecting civilians in areas where escalate the confrontation, and which require the evacuation of certain areas of the population, and so that this procedure will be temporary, and be accompanied by compensation for those citizens for damage resulting from this procedure, and the provision of appropriate reasons for living them, and that this is done in accordance with them, and to accelerate the development of the Sinai Peninsula and strengthen the relationship with the people of Egypt.