Abdel- Ghaffar Shukr: Human Rights and Confronting Terrorism

written by: Abdel- Ghaffar Shukr

           The National Council for Human Rights is subjected to a systematic smear campaign by some haters of the Revolution of January 25 in an attempt to abuse most of the Council members who opposed Mubarak's rule and were in the forefront in defense of the Egyptian people right to liberty, social justice and a decent living. Among the recent manifestations of this campaign that one of the haters of the revolution said that the national Council for Human Rights did not specify its stance position of the late terrorist and criminal attack, in an attempt to mobilize the public opinion against the Council, although the Council promptly issued a statement condemning terrorism and mourning the martyrs and calling countries of the world to support the Egyptian people in the war against terrorism, and most media outlets broadcasted this statement, which was translated into several foreign languages, and distributed widely in the world.


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