Vision & Goals

1. To put a national plan to enhancement, to develop the protection of human rights in Egypt, and to suggest the means by which to achieve this plan.
2. To provide suggestions and recommendations to the specialized bodies in order to support, protect, and develop human rights.
3. To express opinions, views, suggestions, and recommendations for the issues introduced or referred to it by the authorities and specialized bodies for matters related to the strengthening and protection of human rights.
4. To receipt the complaints in the field of human rights, to study and raise them to the authorities and specialized bodies, and to follow up with them. Also to spread awareness to individuals of the legal procedures that should be followed and to assist them in the implementation of these procedures or their settlement with the associated bodies. 
5. To follow up with the implementation of the international agreements and conventions related to human rights. Also to provide the associated bodies with the necessary suggestions, recommendations, and feedback for safety implementation.
6. To cooperate with international organizations and bodies interested in human rights which contribute to achieving the goals of the Council and developing its relations.
7. To participate with the Egyptian delegates in the forums, meetings of the regional and international organizations interested in human rights.
8. To contribute opinions in order to prepare reports that the state is obliged to provide periodically to the committees and organs of human rights implementation to the international agreements and response to their queries.
9. To coordinate with the state institutions interested in human rights and to cooperate with them in this field; cooperations include working with the National Council for Women, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood and other groups.
10. To spread the human rights culture and concepts, making sure that the citizens are aware of them. To get assistance from the institutions and organs specialized in education, media, and culture.
11. To organize conferences, sessions, and round-table discussions on issues related to human rights.
12. To provide necessary suggestions to support technical and institutional capabilities in the field of human rights including technical preparation and trainings of employees in state institutions related to freedom and social, economic, and cultural rights in order to improve their efficiency.
13. To publish periodic reviews related to the Council's goals and missions.
14. To publish reports about the situations and developments of Egypt's efforts in the field of human rights on both a government and national level.